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Why You Should Look For More Than a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning is a lengthy process and one which can be very stressful, which is why it makes sense to use every tool at your disposal. Planning tools such as a wedding planning checklist will quickly become your best friend as you navigate your way towards the perfect wedding, but there is a lot more to planning a wedding than a simple checklist.

Most wedding planning checklist can be found for free in magazines, books and on the internet. Usually they will all follow the same format, so most brides will need to edit them to fit with their wedding plans. But if the checklist can be found for free, what else can you get for nothing to help you with your wedding planning?

Wedding Budget Planner – your wedding budget will control everything you want and everything you can have. So having a clearly itemized list of what you want and how much it will cost can save you from financial ruin before your married life has even begun!

Budget planners are simple and easy to use, but they do require you to do some research before you add up all the figures to give you overall budget. Usually they will come with a series of traditional essentials – ceremony costs, reception fees, catering, favors, stationery, wedding dress etc. Some will come pre-filled with average costs for each element to give you a guide and a second column which is blank for you to fill in the cost to you.

As you fill in the budget planner call around some vendors and wedding venues to get an idea of costs. Do some research on the internet as well. Make sure your figures are realistic or you could end up with a real headache the closer you get to your wedding day.

Wedding Planning Guide – there are so many free planning guides available on the internet to download. Try to pick one from a reputable source to give you the best advice. You could download several but you could end up with information overload and lots of conflicting advice!

A wedding planning guide is an essential tool, particularly when you first get started. Whether you know lots or nothing about planning a party on this scale, planning guides can still give you lots of hints, tips and advice which you may not have considered yourself!

When looking for free planning tools try to get from reputable source. Magazines are great but often churn out the same article over and over again. There are literally hundreds of wedding websites out there but only handful can really offer you good, sound advice from people in the know.

Social Media and Wedding Planning Ideas

The web is creating smaller and smaller worlds via social media and event planning companies. I met Noa Gafni of Webutantes by an article someone mentioned on either Twitter or Linkedin. I can’t remember it’s getting so confusing. Anyway, the article was about wedding planning ideas.

In particular, this article was a mini- wedding planning guide and provided wedding planning ideas and resources. What caught my eye though was the resource discussion because they were listed for people who are on a budget and cannot afford wedding coordinators.

I then used my acquired internet skills and tracked Noa down for the pitch. She loved the idea of budgets but instead of adding to the already mentioned wedding planning ideas she posted, she requested an article on how to throw a cocktail party on a budget. That topic was right up my alley and I sent her information that included advice and links for invitations, music and food. I even included a menu that was easy-to-make. Many of the helpful tips I used in the article are based upon my experience working for other event planning companies as well as my own.

A funny note here, I thought my internet skills were pretty up-to-date but paled in comparison to Noa’s. She edited my article and listed links to music and invitation websites that were more current. Then again, I am still learning this medium; she is well-versed and experienced in social media.

The menu I provided got me to venture out beyond my known sources since the recipes were from various sites. These recipes are great easy-to-make appetizers such as red-salmon dip, mushroom rolls, sun dried tomato and olive tapenade bruschetta. I also provided some new recipes too. The honey lemon chicken skewers with vegetables and the mini-peppermint cheesecakes with chocolate chips were two new recipes I researched for the article. What I liked about these two hors d’oeuvres were that they fit right into my mantra – make it simple, fast and delicious.

Again, it all comes down to the internet and event planning companies and how we are all connected via the web. Until next time, remember to make it simple fun and delicious and be a guest at your own event!

Free Wedding Planning

If you are getting married in the near future you may be well aware that you are in for the best of times and the worst of times. A wedding can and should be the happiest day of your life but the stresses and strains of organizing and planning this celebration can be unbearable. In this article we will aim to give you some basic advice and suggestions in our free wedding planning guide.

The first piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide is the venue for the reception. You need a place with enough space available for guests, food and dancing if you so choose one piece of advice is to hire a hotel or a banquet hall. Many choose this option despite the expense. Hotels and banquet halls are used to catering for large numbers of people and have their own facilities on hand to suit your needs. Many will help with the organization and take the stress off of you.

Our second piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide is to help with the rings. You and your spouse to be should choose the rings together. This way you’re both assured of getting something you like and feel you have contributed. Try to avoid fashion statements when choosing wedding rings. These are mint to lat a lifetime and you don’t want something that will be out of style in a few years time.

Our third piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide has to do with flowers. You may have to call around to several different florists if your wedding is during the high wedding season, or near a major holiday. Florists get extremely busy at these times so as soon as you know your wedding date get on the phone.

Hopefully the advice in this free wedding planning guide is helpful. Being organized and working months ahead can save you a lot of stress and heartache when it comes to planning your big day. When it is affordable and practical, let the places do all of the planning for you. Hotels and halls quite often have this available. Choose important items with your spouse to be and don’t wait until the last minute to get those oh so important wedding accessories. Following the simplest of advice can ensure your wedding goes off as planned and add years to your life.